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Whale Watching Mirissa Sri Lanka

Accommodation, Beach Weddings, Airport pickup & Activites to do in Mirissa

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Welcome to Mirissa Whale Watch

This web site is mainly about whale Watching in Mirissa. We also serve tourists by porviding accommadation , food , arranging boat tours in rivers , wild life tours , suppling vehicles to airport pickup and dropups and help to give you maximum thrill in your vacation by arranging special party nights on request.

Whale watching in Mirissa

Whale watching in Mirissa Sri Lanka is one of the greatest thrilling event that you can enjoy in your life.

Whale & Dolphin Watching Safari

We mirissa wale watch provide you excelent servise on Arranging whale watching tours in Mirissa.

Our Specially Designed Boats

The boats we provise with well trained crew who knows where the whales are.

Guaranteed Sighting

If you were unable to see any Whales Or Dolphins we will provide another free tour.

Dolphins in Mirissa Sea

The Dolphins in the Mirissa sea gives attractive sight to the tourists who participate our whale and dolphin watching tours.

Why You Should choose us?

We are well experienced and well trained eco tourism organization that arranged excellent whale watching tours to many tourists groups.

What you should Bring

The Camers is the most important equipment that you should bring to capture the nice views of these creatures.

Safety First

We are a organization who give priority for safty of our clients (we provide breakfast , water and life jackets free) as well as the animals in the Mirissa sea.

Very cheap Whale watching Tous

Mirissa is the worlds most cheapest place for whale watching compare to the other Places in the world.

Shortest Time Duration

Within Short time (compare to other whale watching destinations in the world) of traveling in the boat Mirissa is the only place you can see these animals quickly.

Mirissa Sri Lanka

Mirissa is the number one tourist destination in down south Sri Lanka.You can participate many events and tourism activities in here. And we are here to guide and fascilitate you with hospitality.


Our Main Services

We’re honoured to have you visit our web site, let us offer you a personalised activities and events in Sri Lanka that’ll leave you with ample memories fit for a lifetime. With the best tour and event operators assisting us, we assure you of the best service at all times..

About Mirissa Whale Watching

Mirissa Whale Watch™ provides passengers with the adventure of a lifetime through excellent customer service, Good Boats, the highest possible safety standards and added value from an on-the-water education of the South coast eco-system. We emphasize science and conservation while maintaining a fun and professional atmosphere.

Read More about our Guaranteed Sightings

Join our professional Naturalists for a 3 to 5 hour whale watching tour, starting in the picturesque South Coast fishing village Mirissa and traveling through the spectacular Mirissa Sea. Our extensive whale spotting network, has given us a 90% sighting success rate.

While we journey to find the Whales, you’ll have the opportunity to see a diverse marine ecosystem, including Dolphines, sea turtules, bald eagles, and flying fish.


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Specially Designed Boats

Our vessels are expedition style Zodiacs specifically designed for marine mammal viewing. They travel over the top of the water instead of pounding through it increasing passenger comfort and safety as well as reducing the chance of seasickness. Our Explorathor (open) and Express (semi-covered) vessels use water jets which are extremely safe for marine mammals. All three of our ocean going vessels are equipped with washrooms.


The Staff and the people who are guiding you throuth out the journey is very experienced in what they do. Most of the selected personals are got from fishermen families and they have good knowledge about the sea and the animal life in the southern sea. (They know where Whales are...)


Mirissa is a lovely golden sea beach in down south Sri Lanka. It is a tourist hot spot and many sun & sea lovers from all over the world gather Mirissa Every Each year.

 Things tourists enjoy in Mirissa

  • Whale watching Safari
  • Diving and Snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Sun Bathing


Professional Naturalists are on board each trip to enhance passengers knowledge and enjoyment. They have completed courses in Marine Emergency Training and First Aid.


We have a 90% sighting success rate, however should you not see a whale you can come again for free until you do – for life, no expiry.


whale wtching mirissa Sri Lanka


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whale wtching mirissa Sri Lanka