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Wild Life Safari in Yala National Park

Explore the wild animals in their natural habitant

Yala National Park or Ruhuna National Park is the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka. It is situated in the southeast region of the country, Yala National Park is well recognized as one of the best park in the world to observe leopards. The leopards at Yala largely considered as having the highest density of leopards in the world.

Mammals include elephants, leopards, sloth bear, spotted deer, sambur, wild boar, water buffalo, grey langur and the golden jackal. Many of these can be easily spotted, although seeing sloth bear requires a good deal of luck during most times of the year.

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Orca WhalePod of Orca WhalesAn Orca Whale Breaches the Surface

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Forest birds in Yala include bee-eaters, hoopoe birds, Malabar pied hornbill, jungle fowl, orange breasted green pigeon and Indian peafowl,egrets, spoonbills, herons, kingfishers, pelicans and ducks that inhabit the park’s many wetlands, and the several species of eagles and owls that can be seen on trees or fishing in Yala’s many ancient irrigation tanks that store much of the fresh water that sustains the animals.

The irrigation tanks are also the home of the mugger crocodile which can often be seen warming up on the banks as the sun rises. Other reptiles in Yala include water monitor, estuarine crocodile, star tortoise and several species of snake including the python and Indian cobra. Today, the leopard is a major crowd puller as over the past ten years, Yala has earned an international reputation as one of the hotspots to view this sublimely beautiful animal which is also Sri Lanka’s top predator.

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Rates & Departure Times

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Wild Life Safari Tours in Yala natioanl park

Note: The following listed rates are without (not including) the National Park Admission Fees / ticket prices

Note: Jeep can take maximum 7 personals

Tour Type Trip Length Departure Time Jeep type Price Range
Half Day Normal 5-6 Hours 6:00 AM OR 12:30 PM Normal Jeep $35
Half Day Luxury 5-6 Hours 6:00 AM OR 12:30 PM Luxury Jeep $45
Full Day Normal 10-11 Hours 6:00 - 7:00 AM Normal Jeep $73
Full Day Luxury 10-11 Hours 6:00 - 7:00 AM Luxury Jeep $82

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Wild Life in Yala Natioanl Park Sri Lanka

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