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Yoga - Meditation - Ayurvedic Spiritual Tours in Sri Lanka

Enjoy feeling of Mind and Body Relaxation!


Spiritual Tour Sri Lanka will provide a complete package to enjoy Yoga , Meditation and Ayurvedic healing methods that would make you feel better in both mind and body.

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The term yoga comes from a Sanskrit word that means yoke or union. Traditionally, yoga is a method that joins the individual self with the Divine, Universal Spirit, or Cosmic Consciousness. Physical and mental exercises are designed to help achieve this goal, also called self-transcendence or enlightenment. On the physical level, yoga postures, called asanas, are designed to tone, strengthen, and align the body. These postures are performed to make the spine supple and healthy and to promote blood flow to all the organs, glands, and tissues, keeping all the body systems healthy. On a mental level, yoga uses breathing techniques and meditation to quiet, clarify, and discipline the mind. Yoga is a vital part of long-term Ayurvedic treatments.


Meditation is the attainment of a deeply relaxed state of mind and body. One's rate of metabolism is said to slow down causing the release of anxiety, stress and even pain control. Breathing exercises, repeating mantras, and sitting in silence helps relax the mind and reduce focus on the stressful situations that surround us. Meditation is a component of serious Ayurvedic treatment that helps bring harmony to the mind and body.


What is it? "Ayurveda" is not just a form of medication that locals swear by, it is a total way of life known to generations of Sri Lankans for over 3000 years. It is a gentle method of treating the root cause of illness of both mind and body. Ayurveda comes from two conjoined Sanskrit words "Ayuh" (life) and "Veda" (science or knowledge). It is a science of healthy living, and has two aims, to preserve health and to cure a body afflicted by disease. This holistic form of therapy utilizes the diet, herbs, oils, animal products, yoga and meditation to heal and rejuvenate both the body and mind. Ayurveda believes the life forces, or doshas, of an individual must be balanced for good health. What can Ayurveda do? Ayurvedic practitioners study the patient with the object of restoring balance, getting to the root of the problem and treating that. Local folk have been known to say that while western medicine classifies germs and attempts to destroy them, Ayurveda classifies human beings and attempts to save them. Although Ayurveda can be enjoyed casually for its toning massages and herbal baths, it has a series of intense treatments that take over a period of weeks or even months and produce remarkable results. Ayurveda makes use of the island's natural resources like herbs, leaves, flowers, barks, roots and berries and uses them to cleanse the blood and the body of impurities. It is claimed that many conditions can be alleviated or cured by Ayurveda, including arthritis, migraine, exhaustion, high blood pressure, depression, cystitis, asthma, nicotine and heroin addiction.

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